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How To Build A Profitable Brand Online

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In this blog post, I am going to share with you my 6 secret sauce on how you can build a profitable brand online.

When I first made my $1000 online back in July 2018, what actually made it possible was not what I was selling, but how I positioned myself.

It was how I built a brand around my knowledge, and make every word I write or say worth a million dollar.

Below, i will show the best practices that guarantees a successful and profitable brand building online.


Sauce #1: Discover The Crude Oil

How To Build A Profitable Brand Online

“Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

This is the core value that drives one of the most popular internet company, Google.

Just like a cab can’t go from one place to another without having a destination and a starting point, which Uber took advantage of and build a multi-billion dollar company out of it with their app, you can not decide to build your brand online or anywhere else for that matter without first understanding the reason why.

In a few words, it is called the “elevator pitch.”

If you want to be a known and trusted brand, meaning if you want people to do business with you and not have so many different ideas about who you are, now is the time to sit down and flesh out the key values, goals, and principles you want your brand to reflect.

If you have a business you want to brand out, now is the time to know what’s at the core of your business? How do you want your customers to see, think, and interact with you?

This is the first thing when you are building a profitable brand online.

Now, I know this might be too much for you to flesh out when and if you are just starting out, it might even slower your pace.

If this is true, the quickest way to go about it is to look at your skills, knowledge, product and profession. What do they do for people? A nutritionist help people eat better? Right? Good, personalize that!

Remember, if you can not personalize your service, you can’t be distinguished in this ever noisy market place.

Sauce #2: Who Needs The Oil?

How To Build A Profitable Brand Online

“I want to help everyone who wants to eat better and stay healthier” – You (a nutritionist)

Wait, the next time you say that or even think something related to that, I am going to punch you… Digitally of course.

After you have gotten your one sentence elevator pitch that describes your mission as a nutritionist, or whatever you want to build your brand around, the next step for you is to go out and research those whose needs fits your mission statement and will readily pay for your service.

Here, don’t make the mistake that everyone that eats bad needs your help, some just love their lifestyle, so quit dreaming. You can’t help everybody.

There are numerous ways you can find out your target audience. One of the ways is to to search for Facebook pages or groups owned by a nutritionist that offer same service as you and see those who subscribe to their leadership. Of course, you should know by now that personalizing your idea doesn’t mean you are the only one in that niche.

In this case, the best way which I advised one of my client to use during a consultation period is to create a Facebook group about her service, and run a Facebook advertisement that ask people who fits her business core value to join her group for heart pouring discussions and community help.

She targets the page and groups of her competitors. Guess what, she had 400 new group members within 2 weeks without blowing off her finances.

With this concept, she not only become a known figure, she secured 400 laser targeted clients that needs help.

What do they say about killing two birds with one stone huh?


Sauce #3: Roll The Dollar

How To Build A Profitable Brand Online

Of course, we all know it’s literally impossible to roll a dollar, it ain’t a dice?

Truth be told, not all of you can have the patience of one of my employer Tope Popoola who built most of his brand by writing quality contents. He could spend money if need be, he just love writing.

When it comes to building solid brand online, especially in this new world era, you need to be ready to spend. Now, I know most of you are startup, and I am not forcing your hand into expenses you can’t cover, no — but the truth is, if you want a professional brand, you must be prepared to invest in it.

In the previous step, I told you about a tactic I advised one of my clients to use in getting laser target clients using Facebook group and Facebook advertisement.

You can’t do that if you haven’t do this yet! This is because, there is a need to be seen as valid when your target audience decides to check you out before they try you out.

Now, what are these things you need to invest on?

They are:

  1. Business Logo (this can be a simple text with a stylistic font.)
  2. Your Website (this is your digital calling or business card)
  3. Your digital Voicemail

Let’s quickly go through all these things and see their importance.

1. Digital Voicemail

Starting from your Digital Voicemail, although not all business or brands needs it, but trust me, if you are a professional, in the service business, you need to have a DV.

Simply stated, a DV is an article of yours that is been published in online magazines that has high ratings in the sight of most people. Forbes, Huffington Post, medium, This websites are rated highly, and if you can have a content of yours in those platforms, you’ve just got yourself a Digital Voicemail.

Sometimes, it might be hard to achieve that, in that case, populate your contents on medium, Reddit, and your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

With a digital Voicemail in your pocket, when you need to increase your brand ratings in the eyes of your target audience, you can simply create a small post that will link to your DV on any of this authority website, and you will see how your ratings will go up.

2. Website & Logo

Since your brand is your business’s personality – how people think about and interact with your business. Having a shoddy logo or website is like turning up to a business meeting in pyjamas.

Of course you can go to Fiverr to search for someone to do these for you.

Sauce #4: Find Your Voice

Jovial, friendly, serious, official.

How To Build A Profitable Brand Online

What is your voice?

Before you take over the online community and establish your authority by dishing out a piece of your knowledge, product, and experiences, you need to understand your voice.

Look at you, examine your daily conversations with clients, friends, family. What do they look like?

Serious or Friendly? Jovial or Official?

You need to decide if you are writing a formal letter or an informal letter.

Know that everything you put out there, either video, podcast, articles, is a letter, and if you are jovial on your social pages, don’t become a disciplinarian on your website or emails.

Let your clients know the way you want to communicate with them, so that they can see you as stable, and trust you. Hence, anytime your tone changes, which might be once in a blue moon, they will know you want them to take immediate action!

Be real, don’t try to copy.

Sauce #5: Spread The Word of Your Brand

How To Build A Profitable Brand Online

I can’t imagine a life without social media.

With about 5 billion people around the world registered to one social media platform or the other, there are endless opportunities for you to become who you dream to be.

Now that you are done with the foundational activities of creating your brand, your brand won’t be a brand if people do not know about it.

Online, there is no PHD holder, no Masters degree holder or even Bachelor’s degree in art or science.

There is only one thing you are trusted for in the internet world.

Your knowledge!

If you are a nutritionist, nobody will believe you unless you show them what you know. In other words, this is the time to pick your preferred social media platforms and start sharing your knowledge to your target audience.

If you are selling a product, dishing out helpful contents related to your product swill go a long way in securing you as a favorite among those selling the same product as you.

Imagine writing an article on home remedies for halitosis if you are selling toothpaste.

Now, talking about the selection of social media platforms, if you are a professional and into service industry, Twitter or Snap chat or even Instagram won’t help you achieve your dreams. Facebook and LinkedIn will.

If you are into the visual Industry, then adding Instagram to Facebook is a great choice.

Whatever social media platform you decide to use for your business, join a group or page that houses your target audience and start to share you knowledge with them using all the medium available to you.

Remember, you are not doing this to sell your brand or product, you just there to help.

Take a look at our Lord Jesus Christ for wisdom on this.

He never went around preaching his end goal (product) to anyone He meets on the road. What He did was to help people because he had compassion on them, and by doing so, He got an army ready to lay their clothes on the ground just for him to ride on it with a coat.

If you help people genuinely they feel they owe you one, and that is when you can sell them and won’t see rejection.

Sauce #6: Promote Your Brand

How To Build A Profitable Brand Online

Like I said previously, not everyone can be patient with creating contents that helps their clients and waiting for one of them to come knocking for you to sell them.

Sometimes, it ain’t bad if a slow growing plant is been expedited by sprinkling some fertilizers on the soil.

Yes, you are creating quality content, and people are really engaging with it. Nevertheless, in this heavily competitive world, the only tools that makes it easy for us to be distinctive is advertisement and having our own community.

Let’s take a look at ways you can promote your Brand online through the use of social media.

1. Facebook Groups

Yes, you might have joined one or two groups to dish out contents that solves problem.

Nevertheless, you can’t improve someone else’s group’s member forever, because the moment you start promoting brand or try to scale your product or ideas, they will block you.

Trust me, I got served big time…. See My Story On How

Therefore, if you want to consistently promote your ideas, business and have impact online, you need to start building your own follower base through Facebook groups, this is where you will have the freedom to sell your ideas, product and services without been checked.

2. Facebook Advertisement

Due to the fact that you can’t market your Brand to more than the people in your group, the idea of using a advertisement platform like Facebook ads is a good way to reach more people and get traction to your Brand and service you are rendering.

Lastly, if you want more quality clients for free that will pay you instantly due to all ready established trust, you need to start building your customer evangelist.

If you treat a customer right, and tell him/her to refer someone, they will gladly do, and help you do all the major marketing before that new client gets to you.

This Blog Post Will Help You Boost Your Brand With Better Advertisement Strategy

Post Note:

How was your journey in building your own brand from scratch?

Has this blog exposes you to some tactics that will massively help your Brand grow?

I am glad it helped you.

Let me know if you need more advice in building your Brand from scratch by writing me an email


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