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How To Make 6-Figures Selling Information Products Online (PART 1)

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Getting Started With Selling Information Products Online

People search for every nook and cranny of the internet every day using Google.

The reasons for the endless jabbing of their phone or laptop keyboard varies though. Still, one thing that remains constant is the fact that people want to know something or more about that thing, and their desire to know puts them in a delicate position with people who know and looking for who to sell it too.

This is where Information Products comes in.

What Is Information Product?

Information Products are digital products created to feed or answer the knowledge people are searching.

Now, of course, with Google, you might think everything anybody wants to know is at the tip of their finger.

You are wrong!

Always think of Google as a vast library.

Imagine you are given an assignment by your lecturer, and you are to do in-depth research in other to get near C in that subject, knowing that A grade is for his wife and B is for him.


If you go to a well-stocked public library, there is an assurance that the topic you want to learn more about is in a book sitting somewhere on the shelves waiting just for you to know which section to search.

Simply stated, without the help of a librarian, it will be so frustrating to lay your hands on that book you badly needed to read.

This is how infopreneurship works.

Yes. There is useful information out there, somewhere. But without you typing the right keywords, both long tails and short tail, you might not find something good to hold on to.

This is the frustration people face every day looking for a solution.

You as an infopreneur, your job is not to join the competition of information providers.

Your job is to be that librarian that delivers the exact solutions they are looking for and get paid by giving them the pain killer to their headache.

In other words, you are the one to do the rough work for them.

Do the deep search in finding the solution to their problems, in a comprehensive but non-academic manner.

When you have done this, you can then package your products and target those who are searching for the solution to the problem you already solved.

That is your work.

When you get here, I bet you are already thinking about the price you are going to sell your new product.


Information Products

                                      Shocked kid, after being caught by his mom

Yeah…. I thought so.

Over the past years, instant selling of an info product works magic.

Akin Alabi, now a politician in Ibadan, Nigeria, profited a lot from this.

Now, a lot of things has changed. People have discovered that a lot of this info products are rip-offs.

This is because, hungry folks at that time went ahead and just recreate people like Ewen Chia blogs, and turn it to a PDF file for sale.

People have grown smart over the internet.

Now, what works is that, you have to first build trust, pour cold water to the front so that you can step on a cold ground. 😉😂 — Nigerian proverbs

Whatever solution you developed from our earlier discussion in this chapter, it is called your Lead Magnet.

That product or information you use, in exchange for Trust, and Contacts.

And as you might’ve guessed, your lead magnet must be perfect and of top quality, if you want these people to trust you and listen to you when you later contact them in other to build more trust and finally sell them.

Ching Chang!

Now, there are exceptions. Sometimes you can get lucky going all out to sell your product, and sometimes, you can take a less fast route like the strategy I discussed above.

Whatever style you choose to use, we will talk about it later. But quickly, let’s do a quick…


In this module, we have talked about so many things already, but the most notable points are.

Find a solution to a problem people are searching for online, and package it as a product.

Then, turn this solution into a lead magnet, and use it to gain trust plus get contacts details like email.

Then, you can build more trust, that is, the relationship before you finally sell them.

In the next module, we will go about finding a highly profitable but less saturated niche.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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