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The 7 Ultimate Steps To Building An Online Business

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Since the emergence of the novel Covid-19, the search for How To Start An Online Business From Home has tripled according to the data provided by Google.

While doing some research for this post, I realized that there has been no real articles or videos that has really gone out and out to solve this increased problem.

It’s either they are talking about a niche within the whole picture or they are just beating around the bush with no real target.

As an online business expert, over the years, I have had so many failed attempts to start a profitable online business that generates consistent income, before I finally made a breakthrough in 2018.

Since then, I have been able to create and perfect a system that can work in any field you choose when starting your own online business.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s look at my 7 step Ultimate System that you can use to start any online business of your choice.


Step 1: Find A Niche That Has Active Buyers

Although, this might sound cliché to some of you who have been combing the internet for knowledge on how you can start your own online business.

But trust me, it is not similar.

When looking for a niche on which you want to build your online business around, you should not only look for niche based keywords that is getting attention, but also the ones that boast of an active buyers and community.

How do you do this?

To do this, I use 3 tools at this point.

They are:

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Amazon
  3. And Facebook

How you ask?

Since it is paramount that when we are in the look out for a niche to build our online business around, we need to

  • Find a popular niche keywords that is not over saturated.
  • Know if the niche is filled with active buyers
  • And lastly, if there is an active community.

All this is achieved using the three tools I mentioned above.

I use ubersuggest for niche keywords research, and since I want to be sure it is the right niche for my monetization goal, I use Amazon to see if people are buying things around that niche, while I use Facebook community to see if there are any active groups purposely for that niche.

If you do this well, the foundation of your online business becomes rock solid.


Step 2: What Is Their Question?

Now that you have your niche and it’s related keywords booked, the next thing, which is most important is to actually look out for what question people are asking within that niche.

Trust me, this is where the money is.

If you can find enough problems your potential customers are facing, you will know how to go about solving those problems and get paid by doing that.

When I get to this stage, the tools I rely on outside of my hunch are

  • Answer The Public
  • Facebook or
  • LinkedIn

These tools makes me a lot of money anytime I want to launch a new product to sell.
For answer the public, using it is quite straight forward.

On the other hand, I use Facebook or LinkedIn groups that houses my potential audience.

And all I do is to use the search box and type words I know similar to asking questions like “I need help”, “help”, “Who can…”, “What can… “ and so on and so forth.

Using this technique, I get to see what the problems are and who are my competition that has shared an answer to those questions.

Another way to do this on Facebook is to create a poll that list or ask for people to share what problems they are facing within their business or anything.

Try these out, and you will be amazed by the results you get.


Step 3: Find Them The Solutions

The only commodity people actually pay money for online is solution.

When people have problems, they look for solutions. And if you can provide it, you have just found a way to make money for yourself.

Therefore, after you have sourced for the common questions that is within your niche of choice, the next thing for you is to go out and look for top quality solutions to these problems.

To do this, you need the following tools.

  • SEO Review Tools (content generator)
  • Google
  • YouTube

Since YouTube and Google is quite straight forward to use, I don’t need to explain in details what you need to do.

But with SEO Review Tool, check out this simple video’s below.


When you are satisfied with the results, you can then go ahead and build your own contents tailored to solve these problems.


Step 4: Build Your Upsell or Product.

Now, it is time to actually build your product that you can sell.

During the process of finding solutions to the problems within your chosen niche, you would have picked up some ideas about a product or a unique problem that its solution is not common which you can create a product around.

On the other hand, if you are yet to find a winning idea, you can go to places like Amazon, Udemy, or ClickBank to search for most bought products using your niche keywords.

After you’ve done this, you should have been able to see some possibilities for creating your own product.
Whatever you decided, always know that there are a lot of digital products you can create.

  • Ebook
  • Video Course
  • Consultation
  • Software’s and Apps
  • SOPs and many more.

Pro Tip: a lots of the products listed above can make you a lot of money, but e-book is not one of them.


Step 5: Go To The Market.

After your back-end products is ready, what you need to do is find communities that houses your potential audience.

You do this by going to places like Facebook and input the keywords you chose in step 1 in the search box.

After the results is loaded, click on the “groups” tab and go through the groups that houses your target market.

Join them, about 3 per month, and share your lead magnets with them in form of long form articles and comments.


Step 6: Building Your List With A Lead Magnet

One of the biggest mistakes new online business start-ups make is to believe that by creating mouth watering offers, they can just take their product to their target audience and sell.

Even if you are a fan believer that free lead magnets is a complete waste of time, you still need to make your prospects feel they are getting a great deal for making a commitment with your product.

Russell Brunson populated the Free Plus Shipping concept, not because he wants to give out his book for free, but because he wants to make his prospects feel they are getting a wonderful offer upfront, while qualifying them as a buyer for his more expensive products.

This is why you see SAAS companies like Onestream who helps you broadcast your prerecorded videos live on Facebook, YouTube and 30 other platforms give you an unlimited FREE trial.

Whatever product you came up with, see ways you can build a list of potential buyers that will enable you to garner your social proof.

Now, there are many ways through which you can build your list.

Some uses e-books and swipe files, others create a free or cheap mini course also known as MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of their main product.

For me, I actually go to the platform that houses my audience and where I found the questions I provided solutions to, and I start sharing my contents that solve some of their problems.

This will help me build my authority and increases my popularity.

Doing this, will sometimes automatically trigger some sales of my product, or show me some potential clients that I can convert later.


Step 7: Make Your Sales

I know you might be wondering how making sales is part of the steps.

Well, the reason is simple.

I am 100 percent sure that the system you used to make your first sale or a couple more sales will not work for ever.

That is why you should continuously look for different ways you can keep selling your product to your existing clients and new prospects.


Wow, I am amazed how I was able to fit this system in a blog. Hope you are able to follow the steps and get value from it.

If you have any question about this system, you can comment below and I will reply back almost immediately.


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Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

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