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5 Surefire Ways to Overcome Procrastination and Achieve Your Goals

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In this blog post, I will be sharing 5 Surefire Ways to Overcome Procrastination and Achieve Your Goals

Procrastination is the well-known enemy of progress and thief of time. It has transcended generations and continues to exist among humans today.


It is responsible for the death of millions of dreams and goals. People have lost golden opportunities; students have failed exams, contracts have been lost, and interviews have been missed because of the enemy called ‘procrastination’.

Procrastination doesn’t thrive alone; it is fuelled by laziness and complacency. It slowly creeps in, steals your time, and leaves you wondering where the day went with a lot of tasks on your desk yet to be executed.

If you are still struggling with this habit, this article was written just for you!

In this blog post, I have listed five surefire ways to overcome procrastination and achieve your goals. By implementing the tips I will be sharing in this article, you will wave goodbye to this known enemy and get to work.


Here is how to Overcome Procrastination and Achieve Your Goals


1. Admit that you are procrastinating:

This is the moment of truth, and the first way to overcome a problem is by admitting that you have one. This will help you to identify the factors responsible for it and actively seek solutions to the problem. In this case, the enemy is procrastination, and it is the reason you paused those goals you had at the beginning of the year or forgot them altogether.

It may be a bitter pill to swallow, but you have to come to a moment of self-realisation and admit that procrastination is the obstacle standing between you and those lofty dreams you hold dear to your heart.


2. Engage in a brainstorming session:

You can do this alone or with someone who is invested in your growth. This is the phase you ask yourself salient questions like:

  • Why do I procrastinate?
  • Do I value my dreams and goals enough?
  • Do I want this procrastination to continue?
  • Do I want to end this bad habit?


These questions will help you to analyse why you do the things you do. It will aslo help you to have a clear cut approach on how to tackle the problem of procrastination. When you have the answers to these questions, proceed to the next step.


3. Create a work plan:

Sometimes, procrastination may be a result of you trying to do so many things at the same time.

This impedes your focus and makes you distracted in the long run. Then halfway into these tasks, you get overwhelmed and quit them.

Days later, you come up with fresh ideas again until procrastination sneaks in and halts those plans. To crush this enemy, you need to achieve those goals one step at a time. Start with the bite-size goals on your list, and set time-bound deadlines.

You will feel the urge to procrastinate, but squash that thought by setting reminders to prep you before the activity starts. Every day you fulfill your end of the bargain brings you closer to your goals and puts procrastination at bay.


4. Create a reward system:

To achieve your goals, you need intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation comes from within – your drive, determination, and passion for succeeding.

Extrinsic motivation comes from your external environment. For every task, you achieve in your work plan, tie it to the reward system because it means you have defeated procrastination at that point.

It could be something as little as a chocolate bar to a full package like dinner at your favourite restaurant.

Whatever your reward system is, ensure it is within your budget, and this will help you to forge ahead in achieving your goals against all odds.


5. Get an accountability partner:

An accountability partner is a form of extrinsic motivation, and they can help you to stay focused when you are tempted to renege on your work plan.

Choose someone who is goal-oriented and disciplined. Show them your work plan and agree on the best method of reaching out to you.

It could be daily texts, calls, or emails to remind you of the day’s task and also encourage you to finish what you started. With these tips in place, procrastination will become alien to you, and your goals will come to fruition before your very eyes. 


You have what it takes to succeed, just believe in yourself and get to work. And when procrastination comes rearing its ugly head, you won’t be paying any attention, because you are on a journey to achieving your goals.


Cheers to your success!


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